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Subject:  Re: Guess Who's Back? Date:  2/17/2013  12:58 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  671941 of 876054

Jedi:"But you are positive that all that matter just happened to be there.

And I respect that."

Actually, the current theories are that every now and then, there is a cycle where things end.....and collapse.....and you get a singularity.....where matter and energy are interchanged..

Perhaps before the big bang...there was nothing but energy.....and a bubble in space time caused large quantities of energy to turn into matter.

You likely know that E equals MC squared....where you can turn matter into energy or vice versa......

So...given Art's holographic universe, with 'planes' of simultaneous existence....... we could be simply a bubble in another gigantic universe that morphed into our current universe that someday will cease as bubble...and another one will form eons into space time and it will all repeat all over again and again infinitum.

No need for superstitions ..... we know why it rains, we know why hurricanes and tornadoes form, and why there is thunder after lightning and why folks die from diseases. No need for silly Thor's hammer or other things to explain 'life'.

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