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Subject:  Re: Obama's Not My Daddy Date:  2/19/2013  4:50 PM
Author:  hondodog Number:  115741 of 165475

As for Barack Obama, and I say this with no disrespect, but he’s just an employee. There’s this thing military people know as the “chain of command.” When it comes to American citizens, we’re at the top of the chain. Done. That’s the entire chain of command for an American citizen, and the President’s not in it. Should he presume to suggest a course of action, with a few rare and well-defined exceptions, it is just that – a suggestion.

dang, that sure sounds racist

....let me decode extremist Conservative concepts for you:

Separation of Powers - also known as "checks and balances", paraphrased as "the President supposes, Congress disposes"...
this is where the President presses his agenda, Congress (House + Senate) introduces bills through Committee, which are brought to the floor (hopefully) for a vote by all members. Variants of the same bill (conceptually) emerge from either House or Senate, and a working committee of Representatives and Senators try to iron out the differences, and bring a common bill to the floor of each for approval. Upon passing, the bill is forwarded to the President to sign or veto. (wash, rinse, repeat).

the President, head of the Administration, then administers the law, within the limits of the regulations approved and funded by Congress.

this is where we begin to vehemently disagree with President Obama, when he arbitrarily dismisses existing legislation, when he threatens to implement his own policy without benefit of the Legislative process.

But complaints about the Obamas' imperiousness simply doesn't pass the smell test. it's almost as if you and i are watching 2 different men...hmmmm....maybe it's that you prefer to ignore much of what you hear and see from him as it fits your political bias.

perhaps his narcissism leads him to refer to our Military as "MY Military", as he has done creates the perception of imperialistic tendencies. perhaps it is his disregard of Constitutional functions. Perhaps it is his Progressive roots and intrinsic belief that only a Central government in charge of our behavior, our sustenance, and our beliefs creates the impression of "imperialism", "king", or more properly "Authoritarian".

but it doesn't make anyone in this thread (or the linked opinion piece" just makes him a Statist.

if you wish to push back opinions like the OP, then "Racism" is the weakest, least useful argument you can make. and it is tiresome, miscast, and predictable.
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