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Subject:  Re: Obama's Not My Daddy Date:  2/20/2013  4:16 AM
Author:  Vile Number:  115748 of 165387

"We're talking about "the deciderer" and the "war president" right? I'd say his administration was characterized more by hubris than humility."

I don't think it was characterized by either really but it certainly wasn't characterized by arrogance and narcisism. I don't know anyone but you who would say that and your meter is clearly broken.

"I think there's an underlying reason for that perception that has more to do with your biases than with his actions. Behaviors that are otherwise unremarkable, if not expected of a president, for some reason chafe when it's Obama."

LoL. Not only do you lack self-awareness, you apparently lack any normal awareness of things around you. There are a billion articles on what a narcicistic and pompous jerk this guy is. No one denies it except partisan lefties. There is no ominous underlying reason for my accurate perception of reality.

"Methinks though protesteth too loudly. First, I rarely call remarks racist, not "constantly," and only those that hit racist notes. For example, and second, saying a black president "doesn't know his place" for acting like pretty much every other president smacks of racism. It's a "nice" way of calling him "uppity." And third, I completely understand why being called on this makes people queasy... and angry."

No, you know what it is? It's you! All that racist crap is always at the top of your mind. Someone says Zero thinks he is king and you translate it into uppity 'N'. Someone says healthcare and you turn it into witch doctor. Who does that? Who thinks that way?

I'll tell you who thinks that way. Men who like to dress up in white sheets at night and roam the countryside with torches looking for uppity people.

No one else around here seems to be thinking in those terms except you so it makes it all mighty suspicious doesn't it? You call people racist way too much. Methinks it is to somehow divert suspicion. The way you go right to it and always have it on the top of your mind is very suspicious indeed.

My suggestion to you would be to quit making disgusting, baseless accusations. It is comtemptuous, dirty, slimey and it is really starting to look like a projection and cover for some really sinister thoughts.


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