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Subject:  Re: Recession Means Working "Forever" Date:  2/21/2013  7:58 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  47994 of 116963

BG"Tele's unique brand of 'compassionate conservatism' once again graces us, this time accompanied by a host of negative assumptions/allegations."

Since Obama took office, the median salary of the middle class worker has declined by $4300.

His failed energy policies and inability to reform the entitlement programs mean that EVERYONE is going to face a bleak future as he borrows the US into financial Armageddon.

When interest rates rise, and the national debt interest takes 20 or 25% of the entire tax revenues, you'll see cut backs in entitlements and taxes on the working folks that will make even liberal minds spin....

Where , please tell, does it say that 'a comfortable retirement' is a 'right' and you are 'entitled to it'?

This bleeding heart story about the lady at Howard Univ....who worked there 30 years but left early so she had time to devote to her HOBBY.....and still had a full time job ....could afford a house (and probably should not have)....lost $100,000 in value in her now the 'example' of ALL folks coming up on retirement age?

Really, give us a break.

I am not my brothers keeper when you define that as 'everyone else'. I will worry about MY family, but don't expect to tap me to support everyone else in their retirement.

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