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Subject:  Re: Are yez long or short here? Date:  2/21/2013  8:36 AM
Author:  Calabogie Number:  36548 of 36751

So if you're thinking Armageddon on/about Mar 1, then how will you position yourself in the TSP fund? I'm thinking 'F' and 'I' will dipsy-doo just like 'C' and 'S'. Historically they have, anyway. The only think left is the 'G' fund, as cash is not an option in the TSP. That's quite ironic to think of 'G' as the safe haven, as the U.S. Govt's ability to pay its debts is at the heart of this matter.

I have 70% in "G" right now and 10% each in "C", "S" and "I" but I may pull those down to 5% each. In fact I think I'll do that right now.

I'm just not comfortable with where the market is and I have no idea how it can sustain itself at this point. As of April I'll be dropping 20% of my salary (furloughed 1 day per week) so I'm getting very conservative on anything I do right now. Thankfully my LQA (living quarters allowance) won't be affected and I've been told that my PA (Post Allowance) won't be going down.

It's odd because it won't really affect me that much but I'm acting like I'm still a young kid living paycheck to paycheck. I tell everyone I don't worry about spending money because men in my family usually don't live that long but old habits die hard I guess. :-)

I really feel bad for young people who are just starting in government at the lower GS levels. They're going to have a rough time of it when the government cuts their pay by 20%.

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