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Subject:  Frum on Modernizing Republican Party Date:  2/21/2013  9:50 AM
Author:  wzambon Number:  1861306 of 2214862

Frum attributes Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney‘s failure to his disastrous disconnection from the needs of middle-class voters. “The typical middle-class voter has some credit card debt and a mortgage on their home and will depend heavily on social security and medicare in their retirement,” Frum said. “A voter like this looks to the Republican Party and asks ‘What, if I vote for you, do you give me?’ and the answer had better not be ‘a kick in the head.’”

Frum believes that Mitt Romney’s plan for government cutbacks could have worked only if those cutbacks would have affected the upper-class as much as they would have affected those who depend on government assistance. “[The Republican] offer in 2012 was ‘we have large, immediate cuts in social programs, we have a withdrawal of a medicare guarantee for everyone under the age of 55, and we have a huge tax cut for the richest people in society,” Frum said. “When you look at all those things, it’s amazing that the GOP did as well as it did.”

Will probably just pi$$ off the true believers. Like a car full of good ole boys on a Saturday night, bouncing across a pasture at midnight on their way to the river... the guy in the backseat who cautions "Maybe we should turn the lights on and slow down"... is usually ridiculed.

Of course, the true believers may respond "You're right! It's a good analogy! We're the ones crying "Slow down and turn on the headlights", and the Democrats are the ones bouncing their way toward the cliff with beers in their hands...."

And to a certain extent, they'd be right too.

In this land of the blind, I'd love to see a leader.... even if he had only one eye.
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