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Subject:  H1-B visas Date:  2/21/2013  6:59 PM
Author:  salaryguru Number:  48008 of 116417

Being retired and living in the Southwest, I normally think about how our immigration system is broken with respect to the undocumented workers who come across the border illegally for low-paid manual labor jobs because our system won't let them cross the border legally. But our immigration laws are similarly broken and abused by large companies that use them to train the people who will go back to their home countries to take the jobs of the US workers they learned from.

The data shows: Top H-1B users are offshore outsourcers

Computerworld - WASHINGTON -- The largest single users of H-1B visas are offshore outsourcers, many of which are based in India, or, if U.S. based, have most employees located overseas, according to government data obtained and analyzed by Computerworld.

. . . "This is just affirmation that H-1B has become the outsourcing visa," said Ron Hira, a public policy professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology and researcher of tech immigration issues.

. . . Offshore firms, including India-based Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys, Wipro, Mahindra Group (which includes Satyam) and Larsen & Toubro, have been among the largest users year after year.

Hira believes that more H-1B visas will lead to more offshore outsourcing.

"The failure of Congress and the Obama Administration to close loopholes in the H-1B program is reducing job opportunities for American high-tech workers and undermining their wages," said Hira.

Hira believes the H-1B usage data should give pause to the lawmakers who introduced the Immigration Innovation Act. "If that bill were to be passed we'd see a major hemorrhaging of American jobs and it would discourage American kids from studying high-tech fields," he said. . .

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