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Subject:  Re: Just an observation Date:  2/21/2013  11:00 PM
Author:  putnid Number:  48014 of 117503

I notice that the right wing, rather vocal conservatives and libertarians have basically taken over. Notice on 'Best of' most of it is dominated by them. It's like Rush Limbaugh, Drudge, and any other crazy, over the top whacko is living with us right here. - lindytoes

Don't lose heart, lindytoes. While it's true that a lot of posts emanating from the Krazy Kampfire Kids end up on the "Best Of" screen, you'll also notice that their "best" efforts rarely make it to the top of the heap. The posts that garner the most recs are, by and large, posts by far saner, wiser, fact-based contributors. The Krazy Kampfire Kids, as a bloc, solidly rec posts reflecting their personal fringe, dystopian views. They routinely muster 20-30 recs at every get go. So be it. That's the way matters stand in the US as a whole. The wingers, dittoheads, gun nuts and the totally "Foxed-up" constitute roughly 25% of the citizenry. Crazy as they may be, I gotta give 'em credit for being ardent in their twisted beliefs. "Bushmaster" in one hand and "Atlas Shrugged" in the other, they barge their way into every discussion. But, hey, we "can't fix stupid."

Take heart in the fact that there are many SANE contributors who offer cogent, logical, thoughtful and empathetic posts worth reading.

You know where to find them...they're generally found at the top of the "Best Of" list.
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