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Subject:  Re: What are the military threats to the US? Date:  2/22/2013  2:43 PM
Author:  franchot Number:  1861678 of 2016448

Cmon Peter. Admiral Mike Mullen, former Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, has already identified the numero uno threat. He reckons it's the burgeoning debt:

And the reason I talk about the debt as the single biggest threat to our national security is – it’s basically not very complex math.... I’ve been in the Pentagon most of the last decade – with the increasing defense budget, which is almost double, it hasn’t forced us to make the hard trades. It hasn’t forced us to prioritize. It hasn’t forced us to do the analysis. And it hasn’t forced us to limit ourselves and get to a point in a very turbulent world of what we’re going to do and what we’re not going to do. Admiral Mike Mullen

Meanwhile, one politician was very explicit about the failure of govt to limit itself He repeatedly stated that the limits of govt were explicitly designated by the constitution. Curiously enough, he was repeatedly savagely attacked by the warfare statists. This crew, who spent the last decade yapping in favor of the invasion of Iraq, waterboarding, detention without trial, blah, blah, blah, are now crying into their cheerios because despite the current expansion of war under the Peace President, there isn't enough war to satisfy their insatiable appetite. They want more war. And they want it now. During the last decade, hundreds of thousands of civilians have been killed. And curiously enough, despite the BS narrative that terrorists were like flies