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Subject:  Re: Obama wants your 401K/IRA Date:  2/23/2013  12:31 PM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  672753 of 876034

I hate to be cynical, I really do, but I think the downward trajectory of America is too accelerated to control. The people are too smart too late. The 51% [popular vote] who voted for Owebama are stoopid--a sorry state of affairs that has doomed many a republic.

While I fear you may very well be right, I will tell you why I have hope.

I think a whole lot of folks who saw just how bad Obama is (or at least that he was in fact bad to terrible) just did not bother to have a voice at all. They stayed home.

Heck even now, in the face of what Obama is, and what Dems are and do, we have a lot of folks even here who see Obama's outright evil being done, an will stay home, or refuse to support Republicans because they are imperfect.

I hope these people will wake up an change their minds in decent numbers.

I do not think the majority in the US are screw-ups, dead beats or too ill informed to see Obama is bad news. I think they have been programmed to believe the other choice is anywhere near as bad, and that incremental improvement is somehow not enough. IF they maintain their Ostrich like behavior you are correct and all is in fact lost.
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