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Subject:  Re: ObamaCare and the '29ers' Date:  2/23/2013  1:20 PM
Author:  BGinNJ Number:  672758 of 841319

<What a stupid piece of legislation. Does no one ever look ahead to see what the possible results of the legislation will be?>

Only those who hate both children and the elderly.<g>

When you have legislation that is championed by someone who has never owned a business, never managed a business nor ever worked in one, well the common sense elements that you and many others mention never get any serious consideration. Some leaders who may lack regular business experience have had the useful experience of managing budgets as mayors, county executives or governors. Unfortunately, community organizers and PT faculty members do not aquire those kinds of experiences.

All of our major choices (and many smaller ones too) have consequences. This one choice by our electorate has had plenty of consequences, even for those who bought in to the hype and Nobel Peace Prize after nine days in office nonsense.