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Subject:  Medicare prescription drug coverage tax Date:  2/23/2013  1:37 PM
Author:  JeanDavid Number:  117858 of 127613

My letter from SSA includes an item,

"Your 2013 deduction for prescription drug coverage income-related monthly adjustment amount based on your 2011 income tax return is $11.60."

Now I really resent this because I am NOT signed up for Medicare Part D because my prescription drug coverage is from my former employer, and I have a whole pamphlet explaining that it is legally equivalent to Medicare Part D so if I ever want to switch, I will not get a surcharge. So why must I pay a surcharge for Medicare Part D when I do not get Medicare Part D?

So I called up SSA and they explained that tough, that is what the law says and I am stuck with it.

"Why?? This is tax law, not logic.

"Because Congress said so" is the only answer to pretty much any law."

The Congress is made up of a bunch retarded lawyers who could not make it in private practice and had to go on wellfare, drawing sneak pay as presumably representing the people. They would not know a logic if they stumbled over it on the men's room floor.
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