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Subject:  Girls!! use call boxes, safe zones and whistles! Date:  2/23/2013  3:01 PM
Author:  spikie Number:  1861821 of 2207713

Ah - all we need are whistles, safe zones and call boxes. No one would dare to even attempt to rape or assault any girl on or near college campuses in the face of all that!

And if confronted- run, hide or yell and throw things at an active shooter (I suppose so you get the murderer's attention?)

And back to whistles, safe zones and call boxes... (notice that the alert didn't go out till 20 hours after the report was made - I suppose it takes longer for a 20-30 y/o rapist to regain his 'ability to repeat'...) (Perhaps this is common - delaying notifications to students - I suppose these would be called "delayed, limp alerts"... ) (rape, robbery, assault, kidnapping, shooting ... all the things you want at a public university - it's what you go to school for!) (apparently VCU is a place for these perverts to hang out... ) (ah yes - safe zones and call boxes in Nevada - practically rape in a police parking lot... so safe.)

I'm tired of making logical statements about this. I'm tired of listing these assaults on women. It's depressing seeing how women are treated. I, along with other conservatives, want them to be respected and given a high position in society.


College police departments who don't put out alerts to rapes --- Do they think that the rapists can't 'get up' for another 20 hours or what?
Assaults - kidnappings - minimal responses.

Do you understand - any of you - that the gist of all of this is that the police have NO responsibility to prevent crime? Their responsibility is solely to investigate a crime committed and attempt to 'bring the perpetrator to justice'. In fact the United States Supreme Court has declared that "Police do not have a constitutional duty to protect someone" - NY Times Headline.

Police may stop a crime in progress if they happen onto one. But what is the probability of such happening - really? Pretty darned low I would say, judging by the news clips I've seen over 60 years. Seldom do you see 'police stop robbery in progress' or 'police thwart murder' or 'police interrupt rape'.

Instead you see, 'police investigate robbery' or 'police investigate murder' or 'police investigate kidnapping'. That is not crime prevention. It is long-term crime deterrent, but in no way is it prevention.

Yet you want your wife - your daughter - your niece - your mother - to live under that kind of forced system of investigation, not prevention. You would rather they be raped, tortured, kidnapped, or murdered than have any right to choose to defend themselves. You don't say that, but by your actions, you scream it out every single day. Who are you people? Where is your mind? How can you acquiesce to these depraved twisted mores?

You fight for HIPPA laws so no one has the right to reveal that someone has rapist or murderous tendencies. You dehumanize our offspring by characterizing a child in the womb as a 'mass of cells' then legalizing the destruction of that 'mass of cells' because it is somehow 'not human'. You put all responsibility on someone else for your actions.

You cry 'separation of church and state' and don't realize that the basis for that quote was a letter - not the Constitution - and that the comment was made to assure religious freedom, not freedom from religion.

You force all people to abandon any mention of God within schools or courts - crying separation of church and state - and when faced with your own mortality you call on 'god' to save you, more often than not.

The utter lack of logic is incomprehensible.
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