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Subject:  Poll: Presidential Lies Date:  2/23/2013  3:36 PM
Author:  DufusGoneSplat Number:  1861837 of 2211073

There seems to be a lot of concern over Obama “lies” about sequester. Given these recent threads, one might think Obama invented the “Presidential Lie”. But off the top of my head, I came up with these.

Going backward through administrations, I didn't have room for Nixon “lies” about Watergate, one of my personal favorites.

Who do you think was the worst liar – the one who's lies did the most harm?

I'd like to contribute more, but I have other, more interesting obligations this afternoon. Have a good weekend!
 6% (1 Vote)
Obama “lies” about sequester idea originating with him
 86% (13 Votes)
Bush-II “lies” about need to invade Iraq
 0% (0 Votes)
Clinton “lies” about sex with Monica Lewinsky
 0% (0 Votes)
Bush-I “lies” about no new taxes
 6% (1 Vote)
Reagan “lies” about Iran Contra

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