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Subject:  Re: Rethinking Heinz addition Date:  2/23/2013  5:21 PM
Author:  Grahdodd Number:  199038 of 236295

>>Maybe you're getting the GE THRI (Titanic Home Run Investment), with its $3 bn gift horse equity kicker, mixed up with the BAC THRI, with its $5 gift horse equity kicker. Unless you're talking about how far it is in the money now, which would be $5 bn *($11.44/$7.14)= $3 bn in the money at today's prices. So with its 69% return in 18 months, the BAC one is more like a STHRI - Super Titanic Home Run Investment.<<<

You are absolutely right.

I can't even keep up with all the tape measure home runs. It's like watching the home run derby during the steroids era. I keep hearing Chris Berman say "back, back, back" Buffett juiced? :)

Point is..Buffett's hitting Tape Measure Home Runs investing in companies that bat maybe .275.

The same will be true with Heinz. And if their Emerging Markets strategy comes through...that's just gravy. It's a Home Run either way. $720 million a year in dividends assures at least that.
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