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Subject:  Sheep. In Sheep's Clothing. Date:  2/23/2013  5:23 PM
Author:  franchot Number:  1861881 of 2210703

Back when the Bush regime was in situ, the opposition claimed it would:

A) reduce the deficit
B) shrink govt spending
C) reduce the number of foreign wars
C) close Guantanamo
D) usher in a new era of 'transparency' which would define the relationship between citizen and gov

An impressive to do list. After four years in power, has the admin managed to accomplish any of these explicitly stated goals? If not, why not? It's curious, isn't it? The deficit keeps rising. The wars keep expanding. On this board, all that's changed is that many of those previously dedicated to critiquing the last admin have embraced a new role. As the new regime's most fanatical defenders. Meanwhile, those who previously had diddly squat to say about the grotesque warfare/welfare expansion circa 2000-2009 because they were the loudest cheerleaders for the last admin have suddenly discovered a profound ideological opposition to:

B)printing press profligacy
C)Blowback from kneejerk counter productive militarism.

Scrap C) - The Dulce Bellum</b< crew aren't switched enough to spell 'blowback.' So much for change. Same old, same old....

I'm standing alone
You're weighing the gold
I'm watching you sinking

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