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Subject:  Re: Sheep. In Sheep's Clothing. Date:  2/23/2013  5:40 PM
Author:  99lashes Number:  1861887 of 2210427

Meanwhile, those who previously had diddly squat to say about the grotesque warfare/welfare expansion circa 2000-2009 because they were the loudest cheerleaders for the last admin have suddenly discovered a profound ideological opposition to:

B)printing press profligacy
C)Blowback from kneejerk counter productive militarism.

Hold fast there little fella.

I suppose many saw the happenings as world events gone wild and the fact was we could not just sit idly by any longer with escalation violence culminating in 9/11. So the issues there were reactionary and seen as a means to an end (of violence or at least its trend towards violence on US soil) by outside perps. We can endlessly argue over the merits of just what was done, a better way, what "should" have been done, BUT we seem to get that something had to be done and it was not going to be pretty.

Fast forward to the new boss who made all those specific promises and the claims to make America great again and flying in the face of that are world events being larger and more ominous than "his promises". Most rail against the lies and the failed efforts and promises, while still others realize it was just hype to get elected. This also is not pretty, but the outstanding difference is the arogance that he knew better and knew what to do to make it better. All apparently lies.

Obama= The worst of the worst presidents in the last 200 years.

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