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Subject:  Re: I dont believe man causes Global Warming Date:  2/23/2013  6:06 PM
Author:  nigelwhalmsley Number:  1861893 of 2015863

[ No matter how you quantify it, there is no escaping the fact that the vast majority of those who have credentials in climate science now agree there is some level of man made climate change. It is beyond question to the experts in the field. ]

"Show me a link to that."

I did earlier, but I will again, below. This is but a few of many, many references. But rather than continue to argue that somehow the data is flawed, even though almost every scientific reference, poll, questionnaire and interview confirms it, why not prove your point? Can you point to anything that indicates that most climate scientists agree with YOU? Can you?

Here are a few;

"Report: 97 percent of scientists say man-made climate change is real"

"Most Americans are unaware that the National Academy of