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Subject:  Re: The desire for a two party system Date:  2/23/2013  7:51 PM
Author:  franchot Number:  1861929 of 2210302

So somehow you are equating Mr. Obama to a conservative?

Obama is not by any stretch of the most flexible imagination a 'conservative'. But neither was the last Republican president. And neither was John McCain. During the Bush admin, 'conservatives' on this board were notable by A) their fanatical cheerleading,or B) curious lack of denunciation while the state embraced torture/undeclared wars/doubling of the deficit, etc. Now? Where is the robust GOP critique of current policy? Why are alleged Conservatives unable to offer any ideological opposition to the massive extension of executive power demonstrated by the state sanctioned assassination program? Why is the intellectual conservative critique of these policies not more vociferous? Perhaps because the GOP spent the last decade trying to pretend that the deliberate flouting of international law, the Geneva Conventions, Habeus Corpus, etc, etc, was justifiable in pursuit of the newspeak WOT, and they are now unable to proffer any convincing principled argument against the Soprano paradigm which currently dominates. The definitional tenets of conservatism were chucked overboard during the last admin, whose notable achievements were slack credit and endless war. One of the upshots of this sloppy environment was a housing bubble visible from outer space. Remember? It really is curious isn't it? How many 'conservatives' have conveniently forgotten the massive contribution which the the prior admin and its fiscal incontinence made to the $16trn debt currently weighing down on the electorate:

We wanna make sure that we help to expand capital available to buyers......First of all government sponsored corporations that help create our mortgage system - I introduced two of the leaders here today, they call these people Fannie May and Freddie Mac - will increase their commitment to minority markets by $440 billion.... Freddie Mac will launch 25 initiatives to eliminate home ownership barriers. The Federal Government obviously has an important role to play and we will. When I lay out a goal, I mean it... after all the real estate industry benefits when people are encouraged to buy homes George Bush 2002
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