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Subject:  there but For .. Date:  2/24/2013  2:05 AM
Author:  0x6a74 Number:  418441 of 508388

(speaking of Crows and Coffee)

most days, i get my Coffee and Donuts ($2) at the 7-11*

some days, i notice a pair of Ravens hanging out, so i stay and share my Donuts**

there's enough traffic in the parking lot, and they're skittish enough, the Donut can lie there a while before they take it.

couple days ago, this woman walks across the parking lot, picking up the pieces of Donut i'd tossed to the Birds and eating them.
first thought was "Hey! thats for the Birds!!"
2d thought: have to be pretty hungry &/or crazy to pick up Donuts from the ground and eat them (could have been put there by someone trying to poison the Dogs!)

so i give her a couple bucks when she asks ... AND listen to part of her story -- seems (according to her) she's recently let out of jail where she'd been locked up from drunkenness (and she was already drunk again);
that 'they' gave her $150 when she got out, but some cop tried to steal it so she threatened to call the FBI and he backed off....

so ....she gave $100 to her mother, and spent the other 50 on a sweat-shirt, thus the need for a bit of cash..
(seemed to me, someone eating off the ground would be buying clothes from thrift stores, and $50 alot for a sweatshirt, no?)

sad tale (partly because the Ravens didn't get their snax)
...but not sad enough that when she asked for a ride i said, 'No'
...... and when she asked if i wanted a date ... i just drove away

*way too hot to drink, so i add ice ...and it's still to hot

** i think there's often a third, because one time, a Gull tried to get the Donut and a third Raven swooped down and chased it away
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