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Subject:  Re: post office Date:  2/24/2013  2:28 AM
Author:  0x6a74 Number:  418443 of 507736

Those who are dominantly reptilian...tend to become Republicans.

So Republicans are snakes...

Snakes everywhere are offended....

i really think it goes the other direction:
Fish Brain; concerned with the most basic of needs: eat ,sleep, breathe
Rodent Brain: more sophisticated responses ... bonding, some planning, some organization and communication
Ape (hominoid?) Brain: the full enchilada --hate and discontent, gods to justify it, kill anyone who gets in the way.....

(i was reminded of this watching an old sic-fi that had had a great impact on my 11-yr-old self -- a group goes into the Mts to find/capture/kill a Yeti. the leader is a sort of Frank Buck/Carl Denham who aims to take one back for the circus...
He's taken on a scientist/explorer/mystic who just wants to study the 'thing' ...he runs this riff about how there may have been three species of human ..

they 'accidentally' kill one and then the party is picked off one by one by strange happenings (they hear voices, hallucinate, walk off cliffs).

when they're down to the two (adventurer and scientist), scientist opines, knowing the Yeti have been killing the other members of the expedition .... perhaps they saw what WE were and took off to the Mts, to wait for us to destroy ourselves and then they could come down and live in peace.... <perhaps we're not Homo.sapiens, man the thinker, but Homo.vaster, man the destroyer>

the scientist escapes (deus ex machine) and when he gets back to 'civilization' says, "there is no Yeti" .....
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