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Subject:  Re: Tragedy of the Commons Date:  2/24/2013  8:21 AM
Author:  Goofyhoofy Number:  65681 of 95687

Although I post on many boards, and in some in pretty fair quantity, this wasn't one of them. Still, I found it an interesting board to read from time to time...and that's how it usually starts, isn't it? You get hooked on a topic. Or a post. Or a company. Or a product and you get drawn in and before you know it, you are a contributor - some better, some worse.

I never got to that stage because of the constantly erupting political fights; it was just too aggravating to try to follow the board without being sucked in, and lord knows there are enough other places to do that. Worse, the fights were so totally irrelevant to the mission of the board, and may I say it? ***Entirely lame.*** That I would close the browser and move on. It must have happened to me two dozen times, and I suspect I am not alone.

Yes, the somehow obsessive need for some posters to inject irrelevant political threads ruined the place, no worse than if every time you went into a good restaurant there was some loudmouth (usually the same loudmouth) yammering about how awful everything is and how it's all everybody else's fault and if they'd only listen to him....

A good proprietor of a restaurant, seeing the damage being done, would tell the person to leave and not return, but there is no proprietor here (unlike, say, METAR which has Wendy), and so yes, it's a perfect example of the tragedy of the commons. No one in control. Every man for himself. And soon enough an empty smoking hole where intelligent life used to exist.
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