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Subject:  Re: Hot Coffee Date:  2/24/2013  2:26 PM
Author:  1poorguy Number:  418477 of 508492

1) I can do whatever dumb thing I want and get rich from it as long as I know where to find the right lawyer and give him most of my money;

No. That's what all the lobbies that popped up (and Dubya, too...he championed award caps in Texas as governor, and as POTUS) wanted you to believe. That was the spin. Give a little info, make it sound as ridiculous as possible ("she spilled her coffee on herself in the car!"), throw the award amount into the mix ($5M, I think) without context, and rile everyone up.

I fell for it too. I was a huge proponent of tort reform back then. I allowed myself to be a sheep.

The OJ thing is wrong, also. I know someone who actually DID follow the trial (I was totally uninterested). OJ didn't do it. He hired someone to do it. That's why there was very little blood on him, or in his vehicle. And why the bloody glove was too small. He stood nearby and watched, possibly distracting the victims as the assailant attacked, and some sprayed on him. Drops. Which is what they found. Given how badly the prosecution handled their case the jury did come to the correct verdict, even if OJ should have been tossed in prison forever (and would have been had the case been handled properly).

What I think we've learned is that you don't trust our jury system. Which is your prerogative. I choose to trust it a lot more than legislated limits on lawsuits sponsored by corporate lobbies.

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