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Subject:  Re: Bear catchers Date:  2/25/2013  5:28 PM
Author:  Rayvt Number:  241869 of 270823

If you misunderstood that, you weren't paying close attention while reading

That is what I understood. And as I look at the timing idicators, the vast majority are positive+,

So, no wink, maybe just a little wry smile that I missed.

Indeed the majority of the indicators are positive, but Jim's cmmment said "if [whatever], is it really worth betting on a rising market this month?"

In normal English usage, a statment like this usually implies that the "whatever" is presently the case. And the "is it really worth betting ..." part is being used to contend that it is *not* worth betting.

It's been a really long time since I took the class in formal logic, but this is a statement of the form : If A then B. B is true if and only if A is true. If A is *not* true, that says nothing about the truth or falsity of B.

OTOH, in *informal* usage, "If A then B" is almost always used when and only when A is true. So this type of construct is very confusing. And that's when a non-verbal little eye-roll or wry smile helps to communicate the message as intended.

When he said "this month", the meaning of "this" was ambiguous. On first reading, it's not clear if he meant "this month" as in the month of Feb, 2013 (which is the date of the post) or "this month" as in the month that the "whatever" conditions become true.

Now that I'm paying close attention, it is clear that he meant the latter.

Now that I've explained why I was not "not paying attention", and that my confusion on exactly what Jim was saying is completely excusable and is totally not my fault, I'm done here. [insert wry smile and fletting grimace here] [along will a little eye-roll].
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