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Subject:  Re: Paying for College and Aid Date:  2/26/2013  12:19 PM
Author:  2gifts Number:  8034 of 8484

Within 5-7 years? Not something I'd be especially concerned about. My (admittedly limited) observations is that it's usually a number of years before a spouse starts dating after a death, much less remarries

My dad remarried 1 year and 2 weeks after my mother passed away. I know others who did similar things.

And I wouldn't want possible college money tied up in someone's estate needing to be settled because of death.

There are also other issues besides death and remarriage. What happens if the grandparents get sued and have a huge judgement against them? That money is now included as part of their assets and could have to be used for such a judgement. What happens if the grandparents need catastrophic medical care or nursing home care? There are just too many things out of people's control for making this a good plan.

And, of course, with gift tax limitations, the gifts would have to be given over several years to come in below those limits.

This just feels like too much finagling to me, and my experience is that those sorts of things get too complicated too fast and tend to fall apart.

Once again, I would think long and hard before doing any of these sorts of gyrations. There's just too much risk for my tastes for something unforeseen to cause the whole thing to fall apart. And that's not something I would be willing to do with college money, but that's just me.
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