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Subject:  Re: Hot Coffee Date:  3/1/2013  1:42 PM
Author:  sykesix Number:  418724 of 508387

700 incidents that they *know about*.

That's a fair number of incidents, given probable reporting rates.

Remember, that wasn't 700 a year. That was 700 over ten years. 70 a year, in other words. Okay, let's say the true number is really closer to 7,000. Actually, let's round up and say the true number is closer to 10,000, or 1,000/year. That is still a fantastically small number given the amount of coffee sold. The "error" rate is so infrequent that I have to suspect that it occurs mostly in the event equipment malfunction or operator error, as opposed to policy.

McDonald's isn't stupid. They don't set the coffee temperature out of blind allegiance to some snobbish principle. They serve coffee at the temperature their customers expect. They want you to be satisfied enough that you'll come through the drive-thru tomorrow and get another cup. That's why they do, and as company they do that as well as anyone. If they were getting complaints the coffee was too hot, they'd turn it down in a New York minute. Why wouldn't they?

People slip and fall when they mop the restrooms, I'm sure they get plenty of complaints, but they still mop them. Why? The number of people who like clean restrooms way outnumbers the number of people turned off by the logistics of keeping the restrooms clean. Same with coffee temperature.
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