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Subject:  Re: Hot Coffee Date:  3/1/2013  5:01 PM
Author:  rmhj Number:  418747 of 507721

McDonald's isn't stupid. They don't set the coffee temperature out of blind allegiance to some snobbish principle. They serve coffee at the temperature their customers expect. They want you to be satisfied enough that you'll come through the drive-thru tomorrow and get another cup. That's why they do, and as company they do that as well as anyone. If they were getting complaints the coffee was too hot, they'd turn it down in a New York minute. Why wouldn't they?

This is quite a string of unsupported assertions.

It seems more likely that the set the temperature our of blind allegiate to the snobbish principle of maximizing profits, becaues people complain about cold coffee and want it replaced. Providing it at 190F guarantees that if it sits for ten minutes, it's still hot. And that if a customer gets it at 190F, drive-thru customers are probably in Kansas by the time they figure out that the coffee is stale or bitter or weak or ... and it's not McD's problem any more. Customers will also probably tolerate bitter, lousy coffee better if it's at 190F because they can taste it so poorly when it's that hot.

I might also round up your estimate of incidents by another factor of ten. Even that might be low -- probably the large majority of people who burn themselves on coffee probably figure that it's their own problem.

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