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Subject:  Re: Hot Coffee Date:  3/1/2013  7:42 PM
Author:  Goofyhoofy Number:  418762 of 507732

Well, yes. Logically if McDonald's is getting complaints about cold coffee they would increase the temperature. That makes perfect sense to me.

60% of McDonald's business is at the "drive thru." And in the morning it's even higher than that.

Given that most people are going to drive somewhere (the office?) and then drink the coffee, I would guess McDonald's wanted to make sure it was *really hot* so it would still be hot minutes later. (I don't remember them ever actually stating a reason during the court case.)

I also think that people who burn themselves are the ones responsible :)

We're wearing you down, I can tell ;) Do you think that people who eat contaminated meat are also responsible themselves? How about those who get electrocuted by a power drill that looks like all the other power drills they've ever used?

It turns out the ANSI standard for home coffee makes is for coffee to be brewed at 200 degrees, and held at a minimum temperature of 170 F.

"Brew" temperatures and "serve" temperatures are different, and there is a very big difference in scalding properties between 170 and 185. Notice how the curve bends sharply upwards between 160-170 and goes off the charts at 180 and above.
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