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Subject:  Re: Hot Coffee Date:  3/2/2013  12:09 PM
Author:  AdvocatusDiaboli Number:  418785 of 506999

Okay, I'll bite. What was McDonald's motivation to serve coffee hotter than what people expected? What possible benefit could they get from doing that? If your one job is to serve food, why not serve it at the spot on temperature people want? This isn't like the Ford Pinto where McDonald's is saving money by serving too hot.

Companies do a great many silly things. At some point, someone at McDonals thought that because most people drink their coffee 10 minutes after they buy it at the drivethrough, it needs to be hotter.
Afterwards, despite the many (serious) and certainly many more not so serious and unreported injuries, they stuck with the policy likely for no better reason than pure bureaucratic inertia.
In any case, they decided to lower the temperature of their coffee to a non-lethal level, and have apparently not suffered any ill effects.

One of the most fascinating (and infuriating) things I have learned in my time in the capital markets and in observing companies and organisations is just how many obviously bone-headed decisions are made and never reversed, or only changed very late, gradually and obliquely, so that no one suffers a loss of face.
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