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Subject:  Re: Wait! ... You mean??? Date:  3/3/2013  11:28 AM
Author:  richieds Number:  1863158 of 2203943

"That's what I was hoping for: that I could save a couple cents and land at airports without manned control towers."

While there is no question that the GOP put the country in a position, back in 2011, where a sequester was the only option, the president cannot escape responsibility for his role either.

Fact is, the sequester was proposed, supported by both parties and is law. Someone has to take the helm and lead the way from there.

You cannot tell me that departments cannot find better places to cut 2% worth of waste than to begin closing control towers and laying off airport security.

As much as I've tired of the GOP bending over for Grover Norquist on taxes, the fact is that Obama got his tax hike and if it wasn't enough, he should have held his ground in December and made clear he wanted more revenue.
He is a politician and he has to know that raising revenue, again, so soon afterwards would be political suicide for Boehner & McConnell.

If I'm Obama, I call all department heads into a meeting, give them one month to report back with cuts in waste in their divisions that don't result in severe dislocation. I make it clear that those who fail will be replaced by someone who CAN find those cuts.

We all know and have understood for years that there is massive waste in government. Now, every department head out there has the opportunity to prove it. Doing it the right way could be just the ticket that moves this economy over the hump and turns a weak recovery into a boom.

But someone has to take the lead and that person, so far, doesn't seem to reside anywhere in Washington DC.
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