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Subject:  Re: Wait! ... You mean??? Date:  3/3/2013  1:16 PM
Author:  richieds Number:  1863188 of 2210873

"They say things that they obviously do not mean in any way, and will never back up, and you play pretend as if they have actually done something."

I'm the one who DOES NOT play pretend.

I don't pretend that we have a congress which has the slightest chance of agreeing on anything either side manages to pass.

I don't pretend that a budget has any meaning other than to be used as political fodder.

I don't pretend that those Bush budgets had any effect on controlling spending.

I don't pretend that the Tea Party would ever allow a budget to be put into effect that had the slightest chance of making Barack Obama look good.

There's a real world out there and you've obviously chosen to sleep through it for the past 4 years.

When you wake up, drop me a line and I'll explain why we have the most contentious Congress in our lifetimes and one that has zero chance of passing anything of any value.

What I can also tell you is that 4 years ago when you hit the haystack, the economies of the entire world were on the verge of complete meltdown and 401Ks were cut in half.

Today, that nightmare is behind us and most retirement accounts have made it all back and then some. We've been out of recession for 3 years and the economy is growing, albeit slowly, despite continued slowdowns almost everywhere else in the world.

"You are among the biggest patsies out here. But of course you know better."

I'd say the biggest patsies are those, like you, who bought into the Armageddon story being preached by your side and the likes of Glenn Beck and friends.

Hey, but keep waiting. The end of the world is just around the corner.
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