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Subject:  Re: Welfare Ranching Date:  3/3/2013  8:00 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  1863230 of 2210280

In return, ten thousand jobs or more are created.

The government would still have to 'manage' the land and it would likely cost them even more since no one else would be there to spot problems.

THe price of meat would go up....oh, wait..that's what the greenies, half of whom are veggie food only types, want!...yes, let's run the low wage earner's food bill up by 30%....heck, it's only money.

What else you going to do with the desolate land, other than pay high price eco-writers and 'managers' billions a year to 'supervise' the land and watch it so no one, repeat no one, can go there. 100% wilderness and no permits issued to use it for camping, hiking, etc......back to nature.

Of course, all that cow poop actually fertilizes the land. Grass grows..otherwise nothing would grow!......

Remember back in the day when 20 million buffalo roamed the west. Pooping all over the place...which is why you have all the grass lands you have today....buffalo poop....which fertilized the plains so grass could grow.

Yes, let's depopulate the west other than the cities in CA and Las Vegas....and more small town America.....(that doesn't vote dem so they don't want it)........nothing but city slums and no jobs...... yeehaw!...

It wasn't long ago the US government killed the logging industry....silly stupid and WRONG spotted owl shutdown of tens of millions of federal acres....

Entire towns disappeared. Ten thousand jobs disappeared. Economies of the states ruined......

all because of some wrong greenie...and getting the government to back wrong science.

THis is just more greenie BS.

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