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Subject:  Re: Wait! ... You mean??? Date:  3/4/2013  8:17 AM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  1863284 of 2211278

Rural folk have been complaining about their taxes supporting urban areas for years. 'Bout time they learned the truth: urbanites have been supporting THEM. Blue states are the Germany/Scandinavia to the red states' Greece/Portugal/Spain.
Doppels have been busy today.

Since I have no doppels--nope. Or are you implying that just a few people rec'd me, but some of them have doppels and went to the trouble of rec'ing me from each one? I don't think so! I'm retired and even I don't have that kind of time ;-)

I've lived in blue, red, and purple states, currently a red state. I've lived in big cities, suburbs, and small & medium-size towns--currently a medium-size town (or suburb) next to a small Southern city, and go RVing for months at time in rural and wilderness areas. (And have spent a little time in urban and rural areas on three other continents.) I think I have a wee bit of perspective. Perhaps it's a clan thing--way back in early human evolution (do you believe in human evolution?), we learned to support the group against outsiders. COntinues to the present day. Some of us liberals think of our group--those deserving of our care--as all Americans or even everyone in the world. Moderate Republicans (remember them?) used to agree with us, at least about their fellow Americans.
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