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Subject:  Re: OT: Wealth Date:  3/7/2013  11:05 AM
Author:  iamski Number:  242136 of 271055

What is missing from this entire conversation and what I think is the biggest contributer to peoples lot in life is the consequence of their decisions. Yes luck plays a small part. Hard work and Risk taking seem to be the prevalent opinions.

Additionally, decisions seems to take on the properties of good and bad without even touching on the preponderance of the cases, those being the bulk of people have DECIDED that they are perfectly happy with their income and level of wealth for many reasons (security, wanting to work only 40 hrs/wk etc). For example (I know examples get ridiculed here) Sure, UAW workers bitch about the CEO's salary at the same time they glorify the wage their union bargained for them. They choose to remain autoworkers. They COULD choose to do something else but remain in their comfort zone. That is neither good nor bad. It's a decision they made.

People make other decisions affecting one's lot in life wrt wealth accumulation such dropping out of school at an early age, doing drugs or just living to surf all the time.

So just looking at the "distribution of wealth" alone has no importance to me when the probability exists that it is perfectly normal based on what individuals decide for themselves.

If you want more wealth, do what those who have it have done but remember those in the top bottom and middle aren't the same people from year to year so be prepared.

The government has no role in this other than to assure other people arent't stealing from you. They have no business taking their stuff and giving it to others. If that were the case, we could just eliminate the government middleman and make it legal to steal other people's stuff if they have more than you.
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