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Subject:  Re: OT: Wealth Date:  3/7/2013  2:56 PM
Author:  JLC Number:  242146 of 270811

I am all for a mobile society but the problem is that our society is becoming less mobile and more of a pure "class" society.

Ok, I was not going add to this thread anymore (it belongs on another board), but since this is the second similar comment directed at me (both civil), I'll respond here then drop out the thread.

While I haven't looked/researched, might I suggest a chart/table comparing the decline in society mobility with the beginning/increasing of government "entitlements"? The bottom stay where they are because it is not worth the effort to work. Welfare is a good enough lifestyle and they have all day to do it where work takes time away from sleeping on the couch. Meanwhile, the upper part are working and making/accumulating more because it is profitable.

We are still highly mobile. Someone like Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs went from upper/middle class to uber wealthy. There are plenty of stories of athletes growing up on some share cropper farm and now making $20 million a year. Some staying there and some losing it all. Janitors leaving millions in wills to schools.

Are we a class society, no. Are we headed there, maybe. IMHO, the more government gets involved the more likely it is to get screwed up.

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