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Subject:  Re: Hocus Foil Wade Pfau in the WSJ Date:  3/8/2013  10:54 AM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  48273 of 117398

for those who are going to get SS....for a medium earning couple...they could collect 50K a year in benefits if both worked 35 years and maxed out their SS.

Nope. Median earning couple (is that what you meant by "medium"?) will come nowhere near maxing out their SS. Median workers collect $1230/month in SS retirement benefit. A couple who both earned the median would collect $2460/month or $29,520/year, far from your purported $50k.

My husband and I earned significantly more than average and will collect $42k/year. He maxed out SS maybe for 15 or 20 years as a guess. I did for 2 or 3. To max out today, you'd need to make $113,700. That's about double the median salary! IIRC, about 20% of American HOUSEHOLDS (not individuals) make over $100k. AS a guess, maybe 8% of workers earn at least $113,700--that's not "medium" in anybody's book.

You're also forgetting that the typical worker today spends more time unemployed/underemployed than in decades past. You yourself have lost a job or two and should know better.
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