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Subject:  Re: Tax strategies for high W2 earners? Date:  3/8/2013  11:23 PM
Author:  ptheland Number:  118001 of 127613

Hey canuck--

Perhaps your humor detector is on the fritz. Phil did try to entertain a bit at first, but he also had some solid ideas there as well. Ditto for several other posts.

Yes, they may have been things you've already heard. And yes, some replies were longer than they absolutely needed to be. But how about cutting a little slack instead of going directly on the attack?

Whenever people post about ways to cut taxes and include some common trigger items (like starting a business for the tax write-offs), we here start posting warnings. We do that because the culture here is to try to help people avoid doing really stupid things.

Also, these responses aren't entirely for you. For every question posted, there are maybe a dozen lurkers reading with the same question. And some of them would probably be more likely than you to fall victim to some scam done in the guise of saving taxes.

In short, take the good, overlook the bad humor, and ignore what you don't like. But if you bite the hands that type the replies, with barely a comment on the good advice, you're likely to get snark in response.

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