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Subject:  Re: Suntech Pwr’s 3’s of ‘13 Date:  3/13/2013  3:23 PM
Author:  globalist2013 Number:  34828 of 35877

Some savvy bond trader likely snatched those up at $25-$35 and offered them today at $85. I bet they would have had more traction if they offered them at $95 instead of $85. $15 gain in two days makes them simply too good to be true - probably would actually get more suckers if it deal didn't seem so sweet.


Appended at the end of this post is T&S for the last three days. Nobody is buying at 85, nor will they. Some desk somewhere is just screwing around out of boredom. But I'd never before seen an ASK-BID spread so wide (85x26) when sales actually happening around 35.

Yeah, I got one of those notices about granting consent. But I didn't bother to reply. I'm one of the 40% who wants out this Friday. However, I'm probably one of the 100% that will take a haircut on the workout. It happens, and it happene