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Subject:  Re: Leasing a car? Date:  3/14/2013  11:04 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  18279 of 20640

There is no reason to buy a new car every five years. Cars will run 8 to 10 years with no problems. You might need to replace the battery once.

Leasing for personal use is very expensive. YOu are paying for the first 3 years depreciation, which is the highest (often half the cost of the car).

I kept my Honda Accord for 17 years (1990 Honda). I've had two Buicks I put 220,000 plus miles on .....(in six or seven years).....with minimal problems.

If you only drive 5000-8000 miles a year, a new car should last you 10 years easy.

You still pay all the insurance, depreciation, registration on a leased vehicle. Most cars go 7500 miles now before oil change. There's almost no scheduled maintenance other that rotating tires every 6000-8000 miles when you get your oil changed.

No need to rush out and buy a new car every five years. If you have to have that 'new car' smell, go buy a can of it at the auto parts store. It's a lot cheaper.

Just paying the sales tax on a new car (and you do with a lease) makes you think twice about buying a new car. (6% in TX).....

Even worse, on a leased car, they'll ding you for any teeny weeny dent or scratch on the car...... which you probably wouldn't fix yourself if not too bad.....any chip in the'll pay on a leased car....any 'wear' on the seat or armrest.....any 'spot' on the seat.....
any chip in the windshield......

If you buy a used really never know what you are might be a time bomb waiting to go off...or you might
get a nice lovely car that runs another 250,000 miles.

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