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Subject:  Re: CPAC renamed to LPAC soon Date:  3/16/2013  12:55 PM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  674930 of 875624

Of particularly interesting note that a serious schism is being caused by the libertarian tolerance (may I say "embrace") of our gay & lesbian siblings...


There are just so many conservatives that are not religious conservatives. The Democrats have done a wonderful job of making it seem that was not the case, the majority do not give a fig about the religious aspects, though some of the cultural stuff looks religious if you spin it right.

Libertarians and conservatives should be able to find so much common cause it is absolutely a good alliance

As far as gays and lesbians, they need to be shown the love of conservatives too. They need to not just be assured but be shown, that conservatives feel they are as American as anyone, and that no one really cares about who they partner with. They need to know that not being a special group is the best path, other groups have to be brought to know that too.

There can be a lot of disagreement, without there being prejudice and there can be a lot of different ideas of moving forward. But moving forward is actually what needs to be common among all these groups.

There are a lot of folks that want less government than we have right now. There are even more who want saner priorities than we have right now.

Every group has to give, if you do not think libertarians have to give a little to conservatives as well, then you are not going to facilitate anything. That is a recipe for disaster.

It is past time though, IMO, to let the fringe argue amongst itself and to let everyone know these core issues that we share are the priority, the others well there are differences and that means nothing will get done on them, is that a bad thing? Do you really like what has been brought to you as positive change and all the divisiveness and hate that it fosters? Let's discuss it first, then find some consensus then legislate, not force things down each others throats
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