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Subject:  Re: Managing retirement savings? Date:  3/20/2013  1:22 PM
Author:  TwoCybers Number:  18298 of 20632

Gold is crapy investment. Check out its return over the last 50 years vs the S&P 500. Yes there are periods of time it has done well. There are also periods like say 1983 to 2004 where it has lost value. Finally, if you buy physical gold, you can never in my experience sell it for the "price". If you buy and ETF you get to pay an annual fee.

Everybody has their own situation - If you had left your 457 plan in the stock market you would certainly be ahead of where you were in 2008 and maybe ahead of your max in 2007. But you chose to be "risk averse" in your words.

You can keep you money in banks, pay income taxes on the interest and have decreasing value as measured by pounds of hamburger. Not wise in my view, but an option.

If you really want to avoid loosing money in dollar terms, take all your money out and bury it in the back yard. If you are interested in keeping up with inflation, and willing to accept that for periods of time your total value will either go up or go down, think about putting most of your money in say Vanguard's Wellington. Take out 3.5% of the dollar value you put in and increase the withdraws in dollar terms by the same percentage your gross Social Security goes up -- not your SS check, but the gross amount.

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