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Subject:  Re: Which basket? Date:  3/21/2013  9:02 PM
Author:  Follydolly Number:  18306 of 20599

I can only tell you what I have done and it works for me. Unfortunately, I do not have a ROTH...just a regular IRA. Only once did I take funds from the IRA because I read some idiot's advice that you should draw down the IRA first. NOT. I paid taxes on what I withdrew and never took out another penny until I was forced to do my RMD.

I withdraw only from my taxable account which is invested in very conservative dividend bearing stocks. Many many moons ago, I had $xxx,xxx in the taxable account. I have been able to pay cash for cars, pay for house repairs, GK's college stuff, etc. Today, the market is up, and although I have drawn down a lot of money from the taxable account, it is worth more than ever. The only funds removed from my IRA are RMD funds, after taxes for FIT and SIT. Those funds go into my taxable account and I can use them now as I see fit.

My IRA has some bonds left, but no way can they be replaced for the interest rates they had. So, again, I buy very conservative dividend bearing equities in the IRA also. Over the years, the IRA has increased in value, in spite of the RMD withdrawals.

I do have an annuity of sorts...I am lucky enough to have a pension. That is the only annuity I would ever have. I took out SS at age 60, allowable to widows and plus I thought I was going to die after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Doc made a mistake...not stage 4, but stage 1!! Good reason to have second opinions;). But if you think you will live long, and you seem to think you will, delay SS as long as you can. Invest what you have conservatively with dividend bearing stocks is my advice.

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