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Subject:  Re: tough times for yield Date:  3/22/2013  12:24 PM
Author:  TMFKMHinson Number:  13994 of 22995

hi KitKat...

Vitaliy Katsenelson wrote a little piece recently... it's light on specifics, but it does give some clues about where he looked for yield for a client. Here's a quote...

"A few months ago, a client asked if we could come up with a defensive stock portfolio that would yield more than 7%. In an environment in which the Federal Reserve has let loose a jihad on interest rates and carpet bombed anything even remotely resembling yield through its purchase of riskless (or near-riskless) instruments of all durations, I thought it was not doable.

"To my surprise, we have been able to identify a diversified portfolio of 20 stocks that meet the 7% hurdle. Half of the portfolio is in European (mostly multinational) stocks, a quarter is in Master Limited Partnerships, and the rest is in plain-vanilla US equities."

He went on to talk a little about Vodafone, which is one of the equities he actually purchased. The arti