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Subject:  Re: The “second rent” Date:  3/23/2013  11:52 AM
Author:  tim443 Number:  418702 of 536666

That said YOU have a point. They don't have a lot of sustainable sources available to them. The Germans are insane to be shutting down their nukes at this point.


I guess my point was that there is no free lunch. I collected a bunch of articles together then actually dropped a few examples (one about the tremendous cost of the wind farms off the German coast and how underfunded they were) because it was a bit stronger and the post was getting too long.

Humans have never to the best of my knowledge been all that careful about clean air and wiping out species. Unfortunately there are a whole lot more of us than we had back when we slaughtered far more bison than we could eat or even when we burned tremendous amounts of coal to make steel and heat our homes.

Some Nova Scotian politician or engineer came up with an idea for the government to put a turbine in the Bay of Fundy to take advantage of the incredible tides there. IIRC total cost ended up being triple the estimate of $10 million and after just months the thing was worn out by all the gritty sand in the works. Clearly the relatively small (less than one million) population did not get much value for this investment. There was a lot of Rah Rah information when they were building the thing but when it died there was a brief "sorry bout that" comment and it disappeared from the news.

We know the nuclear power works Ontario now gets over 50% of its power that way and mostly manages to stay out of the headlines. We know hydro power works Quebec gets 95% of its power that way and it is so cheap they use it to heat their homes. We even know that wind power works at least to supplement thermal production in some places.

Some places have few options, Japan certainly would qualify but in truth they don't have a whole lot of solar and wind alternatives to nuclear either. Briton comes to mind as "needing" nuclear and I was horrified to see the Germans going back to burning lignite coal for power... truly shocking how flexible some people's principles are when it serves their purpose.

Tim <there seems to be a lot of squeaky wheel politics in the energy thingy> 443
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