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Subject:  Re: 4 Years no budget from Senate ... Date:  3/23/2013  12:28 PM
Author:  eatenbybears Number:  1867042 of 2203933

The whole point of a house bill is to negotiate something that will pass senate. negotiate ? Remember that word?
Congress doesn't use much anymore

Woah ... 2010

Obama wrote his budget

The Budget Committee did a mark-up and sends the budget out of committee. The Democrats (the majority in both house and senate) chooses to not offered its own plan on the Senate floor.

End of 2010 ... dead


Budget Committee, Chairman Conrad (D) delays the release of his Senate budget for FY 2012

The Republican-controlled House passes its budget for FY 2012

Senate majority Leader Reid says it would be “foolish” for Senate Democrats to offer a budget.

Chairman Conrad (D) cancels his committee mark-up, saying he will not release a budget to the public

The Senate rejects President Obama’s FY 2012 budget 0-97.


Chairman Conrad (D) states he will hold a budget mark-up in his committee. Couple days later, Majority Leader Reid (D) declares that the Senate would not consider a budget for the third straight year.

The Republican-led House passes a budget for FY 2013.

Chairman Conrad (D) cancels the scheduled Budget Committee mark-up for the second year in a row


The House passed the Republicans 2014 budget

The Senate voted to reject the House approved budget

Yesterday, Senate passes first budget in 4 years.

Obama in all of this? He failed to even meet the deadline to present a budget."

Your Medicare comment

The house bill does change Medicare for people aged 55 and younger, They would go on to a voucher system that can use to purchase private insurance or traditional Medicare.

Never drink the KoolAid unless you look at what is in the bottom of the cup first.

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