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Subject:  How to pinch a rupee Date:  3/23/2013  6:16 PM
Author:  desertdaveataol Number:  872693 of 902790

Jeff from the METAR board is currently on a world tour. If you have any plans to take a world cruise you'd do well to read his accounts of his adventures. Currently he is in India, but by searching you can find the other countries he's visited this trip.

The man knows how to pinch a penny and doesn't mind telling you how to do so in any part of the world he happens to be in.

His accounts are long, but interesting and full of insights. If you just want to hear/see only what you want to hear and see then the cruise ship's tours are for you. Jeff however mealy uses the cruise ship as a base of operations and jumping off point for his expeditions into the local customs, cuisines and shopping adventures.

He throws in a few cautions along the way:
Usually only the local currency will be accepted (except in countries with failing currencies). It is, of course, possible to get lost in a place where no one speaks English (getting rarer nowadays), but as soon as the panic wears off, communication is generally pretty easy and people are generally hospitable and anxious to assist you in getting on the right path. Anyway, it is this last method of sightseeing that we will be using today.

We headed out before the heat and humidity and decided to try to experience the real everyday life of Mumbai. We took a cab to the front of the Victoria Terminal, which is a most remarkable rail station inspired by St. Pancras Station in London. It was built during Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee year and is an extraordinary conglomeration of domes, spires, Corinthian columns and minarets in a style described by journalist James Cameron as Victorian-Gothic-Saracenic-Italianate-Oriental-St.Pancras-Baroque.

Today half a million commuters use this station every day. I figured that this would give us a feeling of what rush hour looks like in one of the world’s most populous cities and I wasn’t disappointed. Trains pull in every minute with men hanging out of the doors. Since the trains frequently only stay put for less than a minute, the second a train stops people start jumping off into the growing crowd rushing towards the end of the platform. There are a couple of special “woman only” cars at the front of each train (presumably in respect to Muslim requirements).

you can read the rest here:
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