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Subject:  Re: You can't embarass a Dem Date:  3/23/2013  6:42 PM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  116591 of 164867

No reputable experts have determined that Obama's Hawaii birth certificate is forged.
That's a subjective statement, meaningless in itself. There are equally 'no reputable experts' who have determined that Obama's bc is legit... completely equal and factually true... in other words; meaningless.

When the incredibly easy turns into the too complicated to do, and then your first instinct is to believe that the stuff a recovering heroine addict does regularly to get on welfare is impossible to get done by the President of the United States, well I just do not know what to say.

Again though, who really cares, no effort should be given here, except to point out what a slime ball the president is, and it is because he is incapable of simple honesty on any issue that he is clearly a slimeball.

Doesn't matter for anything except to establish character and to frame the debate so that things in general are looked at from a realistic perspective, and assuming honesty from Obama is just never a reasonable start point.

Those that falsely claim to want to start the debate from a position of good will? Well that is totally at odds with all Obama has said and done. The attempts of the Obama suckups to appeal to a desire for 'reasonable' debate and to not have expected it ever from Obama is the mark of someone that is truly not worthy of bothering with.
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