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Subject:  Disability: How the unemployed survive Date:  3/24/2013  2:11 AM
Author:  yodaorange Number:  418728 of 504670

A large amount of the debate in Washington centers on both the current budget deficit (~ $1 Trillion/year) and the cumulative debt (~ $16 trillion.) Nobody really wants to talk about the unfunded liabilities of Social Security and Medicare, so we will just ignore those. The sequester is a debate about making relatively small changes in spending versus increased taxes. Related to all of this is the debt ceiling debate which has become a point of contention. Also related is the unemployment rate, which a lot of Federal programs are intended to help soften the pain. None of this is news to METARites.

What you might not have heard about is the increased number of people receiving Social Security Disability. These are people that are under the Social Security Retirement age. The number of people receiving disability has been steadily rising since 1989. It has risen under all presidents of both parties. [1] There are currently 14.1 million people receiving disability. What is important to understand is that these folks are NOT counted in the unemployment figures. They are also not counted in any of the “welfare” statistics.

Recently I have been hearing firsthand about one person’s path to receiving disability. Long story short, the commonly perceived definition of disability is NOT consistent with the definition used to successfully receive benefits. I only knew the intimate details about this one case, until today.

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