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Subject:  Re: Disability: How the unemployed survive Date:  3/24/2013  5:29 AM
Author:  flyerboys Number:  418729 of 539148

YO's struck another bullseye with macro implications.

Two elaborations:


Re: Who is making the case for the other side? Who is defending the government's decision to deny disability?


Well, not quite nobody. But the reality is worse than nobody because the semblance of equitable justice is preserved despite flagrant abuse. My source is a BF of 15 years ago who was a Social Security Agency professional attorney -- his job, precisely, was defending SSA decisions denying disability.

SSA law is a sub-branch of Administrative Law with its own separate set of courts, judges, procedures, and lawyers, and its evolution (via precedents) in decades since WWII has left the system as originally intended utterly hamstrung, overwhelmed, and vulnerable to those welling to hire attorneys to game the system.


Hale County, Alabama has 1 out of 4 working age adults on disability.

Those with enquiring minds notice that "Net of taxes and payments, funds are transferred by the federal government from more productive states such as Delaware, Minnesota, New York, Texas, and California to less productive states such as West Virginia, Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama, New Mexico, and Montana,


but HOW?"

Seems the three biggest answers are

military expenditures (varying from the military industrial consulting and research empire of Northern Virginia to various western USA military bases originally established to fight "Indian Wars"),
social security and disability payments, and
congressional pork barrel expenditures leveraged up by the constitution apportioning senatorial power equally to the least as well as most populous states.

Last studies in depth I could find were done around 2005:

YO's bullseye is in identifying a category that is shifting most rapidly, and so is undermining the status quo. Something will have to give.

david fb
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