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Subject:  Todd rattles them Date:  3/24/2013  9:31 AM
Author:  HMALETTER Number:  1867175 of 2016290

Chuck Todd unleashes a series of question for Obama and Net that maybe they would have preferred he didn't ask.

"CHUCK TODD: Thank you Mr. President, Mr. Prime Minister. Mr. President, I want to follow up a little bit on the peace process. You began your term, your first term, big fanfare, the Cairo speech, to talk to the Muslim world, the – the decision to have a Middle East envoy early, you said you weren't going to let this slip to your second term. We're in your second term with the Mideast peace process. What went wrong? Why are we further away from a two-state solution? I know you said you want to talk more about this tomorrow, but I am curious to – what do you believe went wrong? Did you push Israel too hard? What do you – what do you wish you would have done differently?

And Mr. Prime Minister, I want to help out my colleague over here on the follow-up that he had, which had to do with, do you accept the President's understanding that Iran is a year away when it comes to nuclear weapons? And then another question I had for you is why do you believe-

BARACK OBAMA: Chuck, how many do you got? Do you guys do this in the Israeli press? You say you get one question and then you add like five?

TODD: Well, I'm helping him, I'm helping him with his follow-up.

OBAMA: You see how the young lady from Channel One, she had one question, she was very well behaved, Chuck?

TODD: Well, I've got one for you and-

BENJAMIN NETANYAHU: These are Talmudic questions, they have reiterations.

TODD: I thought I had